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At Winston Way Academy we aim to provide an environment in which our children are secure and confident, irrespective of race, gender and religion, with equal opportunities for all. The school behaviour policy is therefore designed to encourage all members of the school to work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment where children are encouraged to learn and co-operate to the best of their ability.

Rewards will be given for a variety of things such as outstanding work in class, consistent homework, helping other children, participating in school events and attending after school clubs. Every child will know exactly what they are aiming for and what the reward will be, through tariffs displayed in class. Above all the greatest reward will be the children's quality education.

Achievement Awards:
Once a fortnight 2 children from each class will be nominated by their teacher for producing work of an outstanding standard. Parents of children receiving an award will be sent an invitation on the Wednesday asking them to join the achievement assembly presentation on the Friday.

Though our intention is to have all children  have behaviour which is rewarded in school, there are clear consequences for behaviours which will not be tolerated. These are clearly displayed in the behaviour policy and in classrooms around the school. Serious behaviour incidents will require the cooperation of parents and carers and a proactive approach to solving the issues is needed.