Behaviour Framework
(Please also see our Behaviour Policy in the “Policies” section)

Promoting good behaviour and rewarding it is something that we take seriously at Winston Way. We also that believe that in order to keep our school happy, safe and successful we need to have clear consequences for those children who do not show our core values and aims.

Last year we introduced the ‘Good To Be Green’ behaviour system and this year we’ve made it even better; there are more opportunities for children to be rewarded for their academic achievements, more ways in which we can show our appreciation of their participation in school life and clearer steps to address behaviour which stops their opportunities to learn.

Rewards will be given for a variety of things such as outstanding work in class, consistent homework, helping other children, participating in house events and attending after school clubs. Every child will know exactly what they are aiming for and what the reward will be, through tariffs displayed in class.

Good to Be Green:
Each half term there will be a class disco or extra playtime to reward good behaviour in class. Those children who have finished each day at school on green cards will enjoy the entire length of the activity, however children who finish on yellow or red cards will lose one minute of the activity for each day they did not finish on green.

Good Work Stickers:
These will be awarded for work produced in each lesson and given to children who meet year group expectations.

House Points:
Children will earn a House Point in their commendation book if they do one of the following things: *Participate in a House event. *Participate in a House challenge. *Participate in a House competition. *Have perfect attendance for a half term. *Have perfect punctuality for a half term. *Have complete school P.E. kit for every P.E. lesson in a half term. *Complete all weekly homework tasks. *Look after another child.
Children can earn up to 30 House Points each term. If a child earns between 10 and 19 House Points they will receive a Bronze Award Certificate. If a child earns between 20 and 29 House Points they will receive a Silver Award Certificate. A full card of House Points can be swapped for a book token at the end of each term.

Commendation stickers can be earned by if a child does one of the following things: *Have perfect attendance at an after school club. *Represent the school in an external event or project. *Have your work featured in the school newsletter or on the school website. (EYFS- Photo of their work or activity on website)
Up to 3 commendations may be earned each term and a full card of commendations can be swapped for a book token at the end of each term.

Privilege Card:
Children will earn the chance to sit on the privilege chairs with the teachers in Friday assembly and have tea with The Head, if they:
*Are on green all week. *Are on time all week. *Have 100% attendance for the week. *Show attitudes and behaviours which go above and beyond our core values.

Achievement Awards:
Once a week a child from each class will be nominated by their teacher for producing work of an outstanding standard. Parents of children receiving an award will be sent an invitation on the Wednesday asking them to join the achievement assembly presentation on the Friday.

Good Conduct Badges:
Children who end the school year with only green cards will receive a good conduct badge, presented to them in a special awards assembly and to which parents will be invited.

Though our intention is to have all children remain on green and have behaviour which is rewarded in school, there are clear consequences for behaviours which will not be tolerated.

Yellow Cards: Children will be given a warning if they:

  • Do not follow class rules.
  • Talk at an inappropriate time (when another person is talking/calling out.
  • Rock on chairs.
  • Run inside.
  • Refuse to do what is asked by an adult.
  • Interrupt or stop learning opportunities.

Children who continue with the behaviour will have their card changed from green to yellow. Each time your child receives a yellow card you will be informed by their class teacher. Receiving 5 yellow cards is equivalent to receiving a red card.

Red Cards: Children receive a red card if they continue with behaviour for which they received a yellow card. They will also receive a red card for extreme one off behaviour such as:

  1. Red Card = Time out with the phase leader and letter sent home.
  2. Red Cards = Time out with the phase leader, letter sent home and meeting between parents, child, class teacher and the phase leader. All people will be required to sign a Home-School behaviour contract.
  3. Red Cards = A further meeting will take place and a Care and conduct plan will be created in order to systematically work on changing negative behaviour choices.
    We look forward to parents supporting our aims for the behaviour of the children at Winston Way and for children to have a hugely successful year.