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Transfer To Secondary School

As a school we help to make pupils’ transition to the world of secondary education easier in a number of ways.

  1. We have built and maintained good relationships with our local secondary schools. This means that the transfer of necessary information about our pupils is smooth and goes to the right individuals who will be responsible for their education and their care.
  2. We host transition meetings which involves secondary school staff, such as Heads of Year, coming to meet with pupils who they would be receiving in September. Pupils are able to get to know familiar faces before they join their new school.
  3. We facilitate occasions where our pupils need to attend transition meetings at their new school. This might be necessary in the case of pupils with SEN who could be accompanied by their attached support adult.
  4. We do workshops, reflection activities and circle time that allows pupils to voice and explore their fears about moving on to the next phase of our education.
  5. We get past pupils to come in and speak to Year 6s about their experiences at secondary school.
  6. We make use of our Learning Mentor for pupils to talk on an individual basis about any concerns they may have.

Most of all we ensure that our pupils have the right skills, work ethic and mental attitude to be successful in the next stages of their life.