Nursery Applications
To apply for a nursery place, you can apply directly to the school. You must fill in an admissions form and your child’s details will remain on our waiting list until a place becomes available. Please find a nursery admissions form on this web site.

Because of the vast number of applications made, we are unable to contact you regarding your application and we will only contact you if your child has a place at our school. If you would like to know details about your application, you are welcome to contact the school office for more information.

There is only one intake for nursery in September and all successful applicants are contacted during May or April.

Reception to Year 6 applications
You must apply for a place at our school at Lynton House, Ilford. Please find the current Admissions Booklet on this web site.

If you have been offered a place at our school, Lynton House will send you a letter and you must respond within 10 days to the school and to Lynton House (your place may be offered to someone else if you do not do this).

The admissions officer at Winston Way will contact you to arrange a meeting. At this meeting you will fill in the admissions form, take a tour of the school and meet your new teacher and see your new class. Once this meeting is complete your child will be given their start date.


Please see the Admission Arrangements which explain the criteria in the event of over-subscription for places

Admissions Arrangements