At Winston Way we strive to uphold and promote British values and consider it a privilege to be able to work hard to prepare for and contribute to modern British society.

Our diverse school community is reflective of the makeup of Britain and London in particular and we endeavour to value and respect all members of our school community. We are grateful for the opportunity for boys and girls to benefit from free, high quality education and have their voice represented within the school and wider community.

We are able to demonstrate this ethos in a number of ways:

  1. Through our Core Values
  2. Through our collective worship and reflections. 
  3. Through our teaching across all subjects 
  4. Through our extra-curricular activities including trips and visits 

We pride ourselves on being a cohesive and inclusive community that upholds the following standards:

  • Enabling pupils to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Enabling pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of England;
  • Encouraging pupils to accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and to understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely.
  • Challenging opinions and behaviours in school that are contrary to the above fundamental British values.
  • Enabling pupils to acquire a broad general knowledge of and respect for public institutions and services in England.
  • Further tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions by enabling students to acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures.
  • Encouraging respect for other people
  • Encouraging respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes, including respect for the basis on which the law is made and applied in England.
  • Precluding the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school